WHAT TO SUBMIT ANYTHING you think is of interest is something you can send us. This includes YOUR ORIGINAL: art, poetry, book reviews, essays, articles, and short stories (about 2000 words max, though we’re flexible). Note: While we love original content, you’re welcome to submit something you have come upon that you’d just like to pass along, with permission from the creator/source and a credit. ADDITIONALLY, if you so desire, you can submit specifically to one of our recurring UtSS sections: Cover: Our cover art for each issue is a beautiful submission from you! If you have art which you would like to see on the cover, send it to us as a high resolution .jpg or .pdf file! Passionate Pursuits: Describe something cool/interesting that you’ve been working on or towards or a goal which you have recently accomplished. Include photos if you want! This can be a certification, a project, an internship, a new business, personal development, a learning adventure, etc. The Pulse: Just give us the name of a book, musical artist, movie, TV show, web series, game, website or YouTube channel… new or old, that you have been digging lately. Your first name and last initial will be listed on the page as a submitter (unless you specify your wish to be uncredited). Tutorials: Recipes, art projects/techniques, crafts, science experiments, how-tos of any sort. Ask Nathen: Have a problem? Need advice? Send a question to be answered for you and our readers by Nathen Lester, a practicing family therapist. You can ask anonymously, or use a clever pseudonym, or you can go ahead and use your real name. Learning OFF the Bandwagon: Share an “alternative” learning activity, event, experience or method that you either are/were involved in personally or maybe just know enough about to write about. (“Alternative” as in different from the more mainstream classroom/school type of learning.) Figuring It Out As We Go: Send us a short piece of writing about a personal learning-from-life experience, or mistake or misstep or failure that helped you to learn or to figure something out. Art Show: Let us know if you have original art you’d like to see in this section, dedicated to visual art. Photography, drawings, photos of crafts, etc. Go Outside and Play: We want photos of you and/or people you have photographed, of all ages, playing and having fun in the great outdoors, even if it is only your backyard! This page is a photo essay of about 4 photos each issue, and we’d love for it to speak volumes without words. We’d love photos that really draw people in, to wonder, linger, feel emotion, and/or get inspired. Let’s create a collaborative piece of art each issue on this, our back cover. We would also love to get letters with your praise or criticism or suggestions or objections about anything having to do with our magazine! WHERE By email: utssmagazine@gmail.com Through snail mail: Under the Same Sky P.O. Box 50251 Colorado Springs, CO 80949-0258 HOW Text Based Sumbissions: Type it up! Be concise, while still providing a complete and coherent story/depiction. Email is our best friend: utssmagazine@gmail.com. Photographs & Image Based Submissions: Please send us the highest quality image you can. Attaching the file(s) to an email is best, or send your submission to us in the mail if you can bear to part with it. (Addresses above.) Include With Your Submission: If possible, give us more than one way to contact you in case we need to discuss your submission. For example: email address, Facebook name, and/or phone number are good ones (please tell us whether or not that number accepts text messages). Your mailing address so that we can send you a free copy of the magazine! We will also print a short (roughly three sentences) bio for you if you send us one, (not necessary, but we'll ask when we receive your submission, just to be sure) either on the page(s) where your submission appears, or on our Contributors page. We are UNCENSORED, and so will publish your submission without altering it for language or potential controversiality. We may, however, ask you to work with us to edit the piece for length or to correct syntax and/or grammar, if necessary.
Illustrations by Ben Clifton and Shayne Ely
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